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Don’t believe everything that you think!

When I’m feeling exhaustipated (my new favourite word) – the horrors that step through my thinking door! 

Where do I belong?

Timid eyes touched by sadness, enforced by determination, brimming with a quiet strength.  Silver grey hair shimmering in the dimpled light.

How to avoid the humiliation of failing Grd 9 in your 40’s and keep your offsprings respect

But when she came to me with tearful puppy dog eyes – how could I turn her down?  I would’ve been a bad mom, don’t you think?

Pinky and the Brain musings…

At night I lay in a heap, mind turning.  Trying to find justifications to cancel the next day.

Pity party chez moi?

Moments when things felt hard and unfair, resulting in my submergence into ‘pity party favours’

Keep believing

A Siberia state of mind just seems a dismal place to live.

If only girl

If we think we can change or mould someone into what we require, we are completely misguided.

There’s something fishy going on

with tears flowing and shock taking hold of my shaking knees, fear enveloped me and the lizard on my shoulder said ‘RUN Quickly, no one saw’. 

Another ring on the tree stump

As it draws the end of another year, I’m in awe at the fact that I’m getting closer to the half century mark.

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