When was the last time you pulled on a wishbone?  The wishbone that you find in a whole chicken?  If you come to visit you may be horrified to encounter an excavated wishbone (or two) drying in the corner of my kitchen.

Do you believe in them? Or am I the only antiquated crazy person who still does this?

So if its not a wishbone, then how about a shooting star?  You’re forgiven if that’s more your thing.

My thoughts on this extremely serious matter is that we should use all the opportunities that the universe provides us, to make a wish.  As often as possible.   I know that you could just a well close your eyes and make a wish, but somehow having something to wish upon make is more real and inspires a legal universal obligation for its manifestation.


As a child I used to hunt down 4-leaf clovers or blow on dandelion flowers with all my might, sending my wishes up to the stars.  I can’t exactly remember if anything came true, but that is not the point isn’t it?

I’m not a total loon.  I do buy into the concept that ‘a wish without action is just a dream’, and I do acknowledge that yes it is important for me to do my part, to take action and be in creation.

But don’t you agree, the idea of a wish coming true is just absolutely delicious?

According to universal law, we get what we attract.  No matter what age, surely believing in magic is worth the slight looniness?


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