“When you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it was yours. If it doesn’t it never was.”


Have you ever held onto something so tight out of the fear of losing it? Fought like a tiger to ensure that it didn’t slip through your fingers? Felt like you were bashing your head against a wall?  Not making progress, then eventually changing the wall. Living in frustration and wrestling with the dilemma of how to get the outcome you desire?

I have.
Frustration and emptiness building up.  At a loss to know the next step, or how to move forward.
I have.

Not wanting to let go either out of duty, desire or just getting what is right, fair and just.
I have.

The tighter one holds on, the more rope burns appear.

Recently out of desperation and with no other options in front of me, I decided to let go.  To surrender.

I realised that for all the energy and focus, the results were not showing up. Those who don’t have personal power, will use force. I was smothering. And totally engulfed with fear and what ifs.  What if it didn’t work out? Shouldn’t I be doing something?

I reminded myself that being fearless was not the absence of fear but the ability to walk with my fear.  So I let go.  I surrendered to just being present and available.  I started being conscious of my own personal power. I started showing up in a different way.

I’m happy to report that whatever I had wanted has started to be. The tides have turned. Not overnight but in its own time. If you look or try too hard, you’ll seldom find.

Just putting it out to the universe, being conscious.   That’s the secret.

Aaah how wonderful the law of attraction is.


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