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Your story is your power

Some stories are filled with magic and others brim over with tragedy.

There’s something fishy going on

with tears flowing and shock taking hold of my shaking knees, fear enveloped me and the lizard on my shoulder said ‘RUN Quickly, no one saw’. 

Don’t cross the line

Now trust me, you never ever want to be confronted by something you cuddle at night, filled with glazed, hunter eyes and lockjaw.

Help! My brain has been hijacked by reptiles!!!!

My body tensed and an overwhelming need to grab my car keys and run for the nearest exit, overcame me

Another ring on the tree stump

As it draws the end of another year, I’m in awe at the fact that I’m getting closer to the half century mark.

Whatever we fear, we attract

When we raise fears or doubts into our subconscious, without realising it we start to look for signs to prove ourselves right.

Somethings missing

Apart from the fact that I’m sure I’m not as interesting without it, life seems to have less spark.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

It wouldn’t be kosher for you to pass out before you finished helping all the Sunny Pines Grannies on their way to their 60th school reunion.

Down with Valentines Day….

As any true hater does, I organised a ‘Down with Valentines Day’ party.  Singles only, no red allowed.

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