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Queen of wishful thinking

My thoughts on this extremely serious matter is that we should use all the opportunities that the universe provides us, to make a wish.  As often as possible. 

Let truth be told

Let truth be told…. I am having a moment…. I actually think that I can't understand why god created men and women so differently

Feels like home

how beautifully blind we are to ignore the smallest things in us,

Thought for the day

beauty often begins in chaos


Panic gripped my being
Fear clenched my heart.

Where do I belong?

Timid eyes touched by sadness, enforced by determination, brimming with a quiet strength.  Silver grey hair shimmering in the dimpled light.

Infinite hidden powers

An indescribable flow of connection, energy and chemistry

Let it snow ***

An epiphany as prolific as Santa bursting forth from the depths of the pool suddenly

Thought for the day

respect yourself to..

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