When I was a little girl, one of my favorite movies was the Wizard of Oz.  Judy Garland was the teen superstar of the time playing  Dorothy, not to forget Toto the dog, Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow, the singing munchkins and the larger than life witches.  The scary evil witch and the magical good witch.

My absolute best thing about the movie though was Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes and the fact that after 2 hours of singing, cackling and dancing, she never realised the power of her shoes. She only discovered in minute 115 of the story that with one click she could’ve just returned home instantly.

But what kind of story would that have been?  If she had known and had used the shoes in the beginning, it would have been a 3 minute commercial and not 2 glorious hours filled with gleeful adventure.

Now it strikes me that a pair of sparkly red shoes should be a wardrobe staple (yes, even for you gents out there!)  Something to remind us of our power and that we shouldn’t forget that we have it. When I mention power, I refer to our personal power. And with that the realisation that we all have the power within us to achieve that which we desire, an awareness that we should hold close

Now literally they don’t have to be red shoes but something which would represent for you:

  • A little bit of magic in your life
  • The colour of energy, strength, power, determination and passion (Red in my case)
  • Something that we see every day as a reminder of our power (for me the shoes in my cupboard in direct sight that I see every morning)


So I urge you… find your version of Dorothy’s (and my) Red Shoes.

And let your Red Shoes be something to remind you daily that anything is possible.

T xx

Tanya Long 2016/11/13

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