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Become The Master Of Your Moods & Make Your Moods Work For You, No Matter What Mood You Are In.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence and embark on a journey into MOODS and Emotions, what they are and how we can use them effectively. MOODS are a vital part of being “alive” – have them and embrace them. Another of the... Continue Reading →

Empowered & Empowering Communication in All Your Relationships

Acquire the skills to manage any relationship by AGREEMENT rather than by instruction or assumption leaving you and the other empowered and energized. Another of the GrowInvest Partners collaboration with the Energy and Vitality Group workshops designed to reclaim your... Continue Reading →

Start creating the time to live a meaningful and inspiring life, in balance

GrowInvest Partners in collaboration with the Energy and Vitality Group now offer a variety of workshops designed to reclaim your Energy and Vitality in all aspects of your life. Re-establish a powerful relationship with time. Create new levels of awareness... Continue Reading →

Not to be missed in 2017, a series of Employee Engagement Master Classes and Mini Workshops ..

Over the past 10 years the bottom line impact of Employee Engagement has been thoroughly researched and proven. One of the statistics commonly quoted in this regard is that engaged employees put in 57% more effort than employees who are... Continue Reading →

The Enneagram of Personality

Enneagram Profiling for Individuals and Teams The Enneagram profile is a development tool which allows one a better understanding of self and self in relation to others. It allows us to realise and own our blindspots, understand our strengths and... Continue Reading →

The Accountability Way

- Tanya Long 2016/09/15 Accountability is the foundation for all businesses.  I was asked recently if one could have it as a value?  How I see it, is that it relates more to the core culture of your business and... Continue Reading →

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