GrowInvest Partners in collaboration with the Energy and Vitality Group now offer a variety of workshops designed to reclaim your Energy and Vitality in all aspects of your life.


Re-establish a powerful relationship with time. Create new levels of awareness around your habitual time traps and gain practical tools to be more efficient and effective in everything you do, thereby freeing Energy and Vitality. This is not just another TIME Management tool! We look at what conditions you need in order to make your existing TIME Management Tools effective.


  • Do you feel that there is not enough time?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by what you need to do in a day, a week, a month?
  • Do you work long, hard hours and still feel unfulfilled at the end of the day?
  • Do you feel listless or uninspired by any aspect of your life?
  • Are you run-down, exhausted, frustrated and stressed?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this Time Mastery workshop is for you and your team!


It will reconnect you to what is important at work and in your life and give you the awareness and tools to start creating the time to live a meaningful and inspiring life, and get things done.

You will walk away with a new empowered relationship to time. You will experience being back in the driving seat, rather than the passenger on the runaway train of your life and work.


The structure and purpose of the 1 day workshop is to support you in creating new levels of awareness around your habitual relationship to TIME and to equip you with practical tools to be more efficient and effective in everything that you do, thereby, freeing energy and vitality.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency– it’s one thing to be fast and efficient, but if you have no impact and cause no results or few, then all the speed in the world is not serving you. And likewise, being effective when it takes forever is also not great, we create clarity on how you can be efficient in being effective so you walk away really knowing how to use these skills.
  • Time and Timing– having an exploration into how much time things take, and how you can get time to work in your favour more often.
  • Important versus Urgent– really seeing how we are so driven in life by the urgent, and the impact that has on our lives and creating something new, and walking away with clarity on the importance of focusing on the important
  • Vision and Living on Purpose– time management without clarity on your vision or purpose means you don’t have anything to align your priorities with. Having this clarity significantly impacts your choices and level of incorruptibility.

Start creating the time to live a meaningful and inspiring life, in balance.

Contact us today at:  or on 073 2554416 to explore how your can master time in order to be the most effective at work and in your life.

Time Mastery is part of our Energy and Vitality suite of workshops

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