Tanya long – 2016/08/19

I am my biggest critic.  If I had to draw my Monster Hall of Fame there would be an overwhelming number of selfies in it.

As I was scanning my memory bank for names of others to add to my Monster Hall of Fame, looking for people who had criticised me, demonished my abilities and made me feel worthless, I became despondent!  Yes, there were a few, but the name that kept popping up was my own.

I often ask people, ‘Who or What is getting in your way?’ And after a pause, a small little voice normally whispers “Me”.

I remember my amusement at seeing a picture of a horse standing in one spot as it was tied to a plastic chair.  I chuckled at the irony of it and also perhaps because I could relate.  Lets for the sake of this article call the horse Silver (after the Lone Ranger’s horse).


What are the plastic chairs that are holding me/you back from bolting to freedom?

Everything we do starts with a wish/desire/emotion/thought/feeling which in turn translates into action.  Somewhere between the wish/desire part we stop in our tracks because of an emotion, thought,feeling which doesn’t support the action.  More often than not, it is our subconscious which dictates this.  A subconscious mind which replays previous outcomes, not needing to make sense or actually being valid.  And the fact that the subconscious is taking control is not normally something we are aware of.

I heard once – “Don’t always believe everything that you think”.  Huh, why the flip not?  I pride myself in quality thoughts.  If I can’t believe everything that I think, then what can I believe? A dilemma to definitely be wrestled with over a glass of wine.

I started to work through my plastic chairs – testing them to see if they were plastic or concrete.  It didn’t matter if they were imposed by others or self-imposed.  The question is “Are they plastic?”  Mentally withering them down into a mound of liquid by replacing them in my consciousness with a positive thought. And then writing down my action to make it so.  For example:

Who am I to be gorgeous/funny/a writer? ->  Who are you NOT to be? Just Do it…

I agree, sounds like work, doesn’t it?  How does one be aware and make this happen consistently?  Think of it like building a muscle.  A commitment and then action.  To keep yourself aware of your plastic chairs and slowly wither them away.

My favourite saying which I borrow from a client of mine is “Dude, get out of my way”.

The result is sure to be a horse galloping to freedom, getting unstuck.  Hi-Ho Silver, that dude just got out of my way….