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January 2017

What do you need to feel blessed today?

Tanya Long 2016/10/16 I’m feeling blessed today. That’s not to say that I don’t feel blessed every day, but today its on a different level. Often we think that in order to feel blessed we need things, but looming in... Continue Reading →

Start creating the time to live a meaningful and inspiring life, in balance

GrowInvest Partners in collaboration with the Energy and Vitality Group now offer a variety of workshops designed to reclaim your Energy and Vitality in all aspects of your life. Re-establish a powerful relationship with time. Create new levels of awareness... Continue Reading →

Dude, Get Out of My Way

Tanya long – 2016/08/19 I am my biggest critic.  If I had to draw my Monster Hall of Fame there would be an overwhelming number of selfies in it. As I was scanning my memory bank for names of others... Continue Reading →

Not to be missed in 2017, a series of Employee Engagement Master Classes and Mini Workshops ..

Over the past 10 years the bottom line impact of Employee Engagement has been thoroughly researched and proven. One of the statistics commonly quoted in this regard is that engaged employees put in 57% more effort than employees who are... Continue Reading →

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