In the pursuance of mindfulness,  I’ve discovered so many delicious words beginning with the letter C.  Ones like : Choose, Commitment, Creation, Courage, Context, Creativity, Clarity, Completion, Chances, Changes, Calm, Consciousness, Compassionate, Congruence, Collaboration, Celebration… and there’s so many more

Yesterday, once again, my tastebuds started to tingle when I read a quote from Tiny Buddha – “The 3 C’s of life:  Choices, Chances and Changes.
You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”
How does that tempt you?

Somedays the prospect of choices can seem overwhelming…
Somedays the prospect of taking a chance, ridding oneself of fear can seem overwhelming…
Somedays the prospect of changing ones context, thoughts, actions can seem overwhelming….

I find it intriguing though, to think of the cycle that is hidden in the above quote…. How it all begins again with Choices… and then taking the next step…. Chances and then one more step to Changes….

What possibilities would open up if one could build this muscle so that this became a new comfort zone?  What possibilities would open up if we strive to constantly push ourselves 20% out of our comfort zone?

Recently I have discovered a new hidden power… The power of writing daily affirmations…   Affirmations (something you say or think), can open the door as a beginning path to change.  When written daily they enable our subconscious mind to strive and work on our behalf, making the statement come true (and I’m sure you will agree, any additional help is always welcome).  An important note about this, is that an affirmation needs to be a positive one with a focus on living into your future. Affirmations constantly repeated, help us to retrain our thinking/speaking and take responsibility for our consciousness.

Weird but true…

My invitation to you right now is to choose some affirmations that will train that brain…. Allowing you to live into the best version of yourself…. Why not think about the following to get you started –
Who do you choose to be?  What context do you choose to have?  Do you choose to live in creation or reaction?

I will share some of my affirmations that I have at the moment:

  • I choose to love freely without fear
  • I choose to have the context ‘Nothings Wrong’
  • I choose to give what I want to receive without expectation
  • I choose to serve
  • I choose to focus on my creativity
  • I choose to live in the now
  • I choose to cherish each moment
  • I choose to let go of negative thoughts that do not serve me
  • I choose to be in flow with what comes
  • I choose Tahiti (over Iceland)
  • I choose to constantly be in creation of that which I would like
  • I choose courage
  • I choose to be wicked in a wonderful way  😉
  • I choose to surrender to the above

What do you choose?  Tempt yourself…

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Tanya Long 2016/11/02

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