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March 2017

Please don’t give up…

Please don't give up Please don't give in Illegitimi non carborundum You're angry - with good reason You're heartsore- that's to be understood You're frustrated, disillusioned, tired -  you're human But Please please Illegitimi non carborundum Have your anger, don't... Continue Reading →

The Laughing Mockadile

A crocodile or a mockodile?

Become The Master Of Your Moods & Make Your Moods Work For You, No Matter What Mood You Are In.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence and embark on a journey into MOODS and Emotions, what they are and how we can use them effectively. MOODS are a vital part of being “alive” – have them and embrace them. Another of the... Continue Reading →

Do or Do Not…

Please, I have a favour to ask? (And no, it’s not a request for money inspite of that sounding like a good idea).  Whilst sitting there, reading this, please try and lift your arm?  I’m serious on this one, please... Continue Reading →

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