Please, I have a favour to ask? (And no, it’s not a request for money inspite of that sounding like a good idea).  Whilst sitting there, reading this, please try and lift your arm?  I’m serious on this one, please play along with me on this one – try and lift your arm?

So, what happened? Did you or did you not lift your arm?

Do you agree with me that the only time trying to lift your arm would NOT get a result is if you were currently being held in a strait jacket? Then you could honestly say, I tried to lift my arm, I did try…

Actually if one thinks about it, when it comes to life, success and action there is no such thing as TRY.


When we say “I’ll try to lose weight. I’ll try to finish that report.” Etc etc, consider how committed one really is? In a way by saying try, one is actually giving oneself an escape clause, sort of like “I’ll do my best but if it doesn’t work out, I tried”. Hmmmm

I’ve spoken in previous articles of the power of our subconscious. And an important concept to bear in mind is that Words Create Worlds. Words are a key element in driving our actions.  Words tell our minds about how committed we are and how much energy we will be prepared to expend.

Somebody famous once said “Let not your actions fall prey to your subconscious monster. That beast that laughs in the face of integrity and who shuns the idea of 100% commitment, normally triggered by fear.  That subconscious monster who lets you off the hook with an ‘Aaah, I will do it tomorrow’.”  Ok, nobody famous said this, just me…

Consider this:  If you hear someone say “I will try and pay your salary by the end of today”  OR “I will pay your salary by the end of the day”.  Which version would you prefer?  And make you believe that the person is more committed? Which version do you think would be more likely to get done?  I’m not forgetting that integrity plays a big part in this whole thing… Though that we will discuss another day..

So I urge you, remember words create worlds and the subconscious monster is always near.  The only time one should ever use the word Try is when talking about a rugby score.

Will you give it a go?  😉

Tanya Long 2017/02/06