Tanya Long 2016/10/16

I’m feeling blessed today. That’s not to say that I don’t feel blessed every day, but today its on a different level.

Often we think that in order to feel blessed we need things, but looming in front of my eyes is the realisation that it’s all about how much attention we pay and what we allow heart and minds to be open to.  Whether one has loads of things or not, that is not the key.  No amount of money, cars, trips to the Bahamas can bring it on if one doesn’t view it as such (yeah yeah I’m sure that lying on a beach in the Bahamas may spur on blessed feelings, but stay with me here).

The spark for me has been a single defining moment, one where synchronicity raised her beautiful head.  I sit here reflecting that in the many years of my life (and that just may be a few too many) it has been seldom that I have met souls of such magnificent proportions.  In a split instant my world changed for the better.

In order to truly understand what ‘having’ means sometimes we need to look at the absence of it, in order to get it.  Once you get it, there is no going back.  It is the most powerful of things to find your flow and to open up your mind & heart without hesitation.  Not needing to look over your shoulder or to question intent.  To see and experience something for what it truly is, is a meeting of energies in its most natural and truest form.  Shoving the fear out of the door and living in the moment.  Trusting that one is enough.  Trusting that the very moment is enough and surrendering to it is the best gift that one could ever wish for.

So how does one get to this place?

  1. Pay attention
  2. Live consciously
  3. Shove fear and past negativity out of the door
  4. Trust that you and the moment is enough
  5. Open your heart to receive
  6. Surrender to it

And you too will start saying “Thank you Universe”