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Check Your Listening At The Door

Do you know that we drop out of conversations every twelve to eighteen seconds to process what people are saying?  That in this time we think we remember what others say, but actually we remember what we think about what others say.  More commonly known as a conversational blindspot….

The skeleton in your closet

What does the inside of your closet look like? And what does it say about you?

I want it, and I want it NOW

As antiquated as it sounds, I remember the anticipation of the wait.

Feels like home

how beautifully blind we are to ignore the smallest things in us,

Don’t believe everything that you think!

When I’m feeling exhaustipated (my new favourite word) – the horrors that step through my thinking door! 

Your story is your power

Some stories are filled with magic and others brim over with tragedy.

Somethings missing

Apart from the fact that I’m sure I’m not as interesting without it, life seems to have less spark.

Are you a burnout junkie?

Spurred on, not by fomo (well maybe just a little) but by this drive to be the grandest version of myself. Enticed like a cat chasing a beam of light.

What do you need to feel blessed today?

Tanya Long 2016/10/16 I’m feeling blessed today. That’s not to say that I don’t feel blessed every day, but today its on a different level. Often we think that in order to feel blessed we need things, but looming in... Continue Reading →

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