There are certain places, part of our daily rituals which feel like home.  Don’t you find that?

During a recent expedition to glamourise myself for upcoming festivities, the situation really got me thinking.

They say that women are more faithful to their hairdressers than to their partners (some useless statistics reflect that according to up to 71% of UK women fall into this category).  And I do think that this may just be true.


I wonder for the men out there, who is it for you?  Not meaning to be obtuse, but in general who is that person for the male gender?  When I reflect on the US comedy Cheers (where everybody knows your name), maybe a bartender?  😉

“Souls tend to go back to who feels like home” –  N.R.Hart

Whilst at times, I know we may have a love/hate thing going on with our trusty hair reformer, trustworthiness is a big factor.  It is as if a psychological bond forms over the snipping of hair.  Someone that sees you as you wish to be and who becomes responsible for the transformation (quite a bit of pressure on them poor hairdressers).   Someone who greets you like a long-lost friend remembering the last saga.  Who has the skill of a trained interrogator eliciting every intimate detail of your world within 90 minutes.

It always amazes me at how much I divulge!  Gentle subtle ways of extraction, like going to the shrink but better.  Bursting out with a relieved unencumbered smile and bounding locks.

Hair dresser swingers, one does find. But just try to recommend to a woman to try your hairdresser!!!! It is often met with a ‘yaw’ ‘ok will do’.  And unless confronted with a bad perm or horrific cut, the recommendation falls mostly on deaf ears!

As a coach and professional, I do hope that I manage to create a homely, safe, trusting, caring space for my clients.  One where I have people bounding out with a relieved unencumbered smile and a spring in their steps.  My, what we can learn from the simplest interactions with those around us!

Who is home to you?


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