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Feels like home

how beautifully blind we are to ignore the smallest things in us,


Panic gripped my being Fear clenched my heart. Incomprehensible!

Where do I belong?

Timid eyes touched by sadness, enforced by determination, brimming with a quiet strength.  Silver grey hair shimmering in the dimpled light.

Let it snow ***

An epiphany as prolific as Santa bursting forth from the depths of the pool suddenly

How to avoid the humiliation of failing Grd 9 in your 40’s and keep your offsprings respect

But when she came to me with tearful puppy dog eyes – how could I turn her down?  I would’ve been a bad mom, don’t you think?

Happily ever laughter

from the moment they enter your world, till the moment they leave, they make you question your being?

A block of note

I assumed that if something wasn't entertaining or thought provoking, that it shouldn't be shared.

A Note To My 15 Year Old Daughter …

Curb your enthusiasm to polish off that whole bar of chocolate.

Don’t cross the line

Now trust me, you never ever want to be confronted by something you cuddle at night, filled with glazed, hunter eyes and lockjaw.

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