Leave a bit of sparkle wherever you go.
As corny as it sounds – ‘Be Yourself’.  Be a trendsetter, not a follower
Work smart, play hard.
Be curious. Broaden your mind with knowledge at every opportunity.
Be kind to all living things – live with empathy.
Play with young children, play with furry friends. Roll in the grass.
Surround yourself with people that inspire you.
Don’t ever let anyone or even yourself put you down / make you feel worthless.
Have a dream/vision for yourself and dream big – don’t play small.
Revel in the rain and bask in the sunshine.
When something really horrible happens, ask yourself “Will this really matter in 5 years?”
Be kind to your body, nurture your mind and soul.
Try mostly everything at least once (not bungee jumping or drugs).
Just know that you will find love and probably more than once.
Always, always wear clean panties.
Curb your enthusiasm to polish off that whole bar of chocolate.
Always take your makeup off at night.
Live with gratitude, look for the bright spots  – enjoy the moments.
Take loads of photos AND print them.
When you have a child and they want to live on peanut butter – let them
Aim for a 6-pack but if you don’t have it, love your curves.
Smile broadly and laugh often.
Make sure your first kiss and the first time you make love (ok I know you’re probably saying “MOM really!!”), that it is with someone who gives you butterflies and whom is worthy.
Always wear something pretty to a party.
Respect yourself enough to walk away when something no longer serves you.
Know that I am proud of you.
Know that I have loved you all your life, and it is the deepest love I have ever known.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tanya Long 2018/04/27