I’m sorry.  You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. If you haven’t noticed, I forgive you 😉

I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block resulting in a creative desert.  Spurred on by an energy crisis and a decrease in confidence.

I attempt in my writing to share my perspectives in a hopefully entertaining way.  What I realised is that I wasn’t feeling extremely entertained. That the flow had morphed into my days feeling challenging and hard.

I also realised through an insightful question I read from Nancy Kline’s book ‘A Time to Think’, that I had made some assumptions. I assumed that if something wasn’t entertaining or thought provoking, that it shouldn’t be shared.  That my manner of writing needed work.

So in true ‘dust yourself off and get back on the horse’ fashion, here I am again.

It has taken a few months to find my thoughts and to be brave enough to commit them to paper again.  Have you ever gone through this?  Maybe not even with writing but somewhere else in your life?  What did you do to get on top of it?

Every morning I normally write my Morning Pages, which I learned from Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artists Way’. An amazing book to read to guide one on how to live life creatively.  But now I digress.  I had even had stopped doing that!

Recently I decided to give myself some time to resuscitate.  To just be.  To write and focus on the things that fill up my gas tank.  You may think its selfish, though I assure you that once you’ve done it, you will promise yourself to make it a ritual.

I’ve taken a writing course to build my confidence and I’m going to be open to sharing whatever comes to mind.

The energy and mental fuzziness thing, is still a thing. A red herring that I’m constantly trying to get to the bottom of.  Partly thyroid issues, but seemingly an uphill journey to get back to normality.  I do have a plan and most days I’m filled with determination to lay this to bed (so to speak).

They say that the key to being a good writer is just to write.  It isn’t about thinking things up, but about putting things down.  And hopefully one gets better with time, which I’m sure I’ll notice by the decrease in followers ;).

So will you bear with me? Feedback is a gift and it’s the only way to grow.  Will you give me feedback rather than just press unsubscribe?

Yours in humility,


Tanya Long  2018/08/25

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Writer Will Work For One Good Plot Idea
Writer Will Work For One Good Plot Idea