We all have a story.  A story that over time has shaped us into the person that we are today.  Some stories are filled with magic and others brim over with tragedy.

Recently in celebration of Woman’s Day, I had the privilege of sharing part of my story with a room of interesting women whom in their own right each had a fascinating story. I profess that as a speaker I could be intimidated if I went in with a contest mind-set.  I’ve realized it isn’t a case of  “My story is better than yours, na na nanana“.  Whilst there is no doubt that some stories are more colourful, entertaining or heart breaking than others, it often isn’t about the juiciness but rather about what we have taken away from the outcomes.

I’d like to believe that we are not defined by our stories but rather grow as they unfold. We choose what shapes us and how.  We also choose whether we are defined by our chapters and if we are teachable.


I have learned many things to date, and am not intending to bore you with the finite details. I’d rather share my common themes which have shown up:

  • Just when I thought I was being buried, I was actually being planted.
  • Living into my purpose adds more meaning to my life, than success.
  • My focus should be on soul objectives, not ego objectives.
  • Living intentionally and consciously.  Daily.

The reality is that no matter how we sometimes trivialize our story, when we connect and share the themes we have walked away with, we inspire and learn together.

So my friends with intriguing stories, what are your themes?  I invite you to share your story and epiphanies with someone.  It may just influence their next chapter.

Tanya Long  2018/08/22

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