Consider for a moment the mindset and approach of current society.  The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that there is a thread which has become the new normal for our time.

An expectation that results should be as close to instantaneous as possible.  Do you think I’m talking hogwash, or could there perhaps be an ounce of truth in this?

  • Fad diets promising results in just 5 days.
  • A child who is used to a time delay of 10 minutes from moment of hunger-cry to ready-to-eat spag bog (spaghetti bolognaise).
  • Jamie’s 1 Hour meal recipes, now replaced by his new bestseller – Jamie’s 15 Minute meals (which honestly still takes me an hour to concoct.  I don’t know what he’s smoking!)
  • Callers apologising for not answering your cellphone call when initially unanswered and replying only 10 mins later….
  • Job hopping for salary and status without allowing sufficient time from growth and development!
  • Etcetera etcetera (I’m sure you can add quite a few to this list).wantitnow2

Whilst in the world of business, the speed of implementation is known to drive success. We strive to be the first to market and the quick delivery of tangible results.  Ask yourself for a moment, how in our private worlds does this impact our actions?

Do these expectations not drive a different behaviour and thinking from us? Frustration; giving up too quickly; constantly pushing to arrive at the destination without truly appreciating the journey!

As antiquated as it sounds, I remember the anticipation of the wait. Like sending a letter by snail mail and revelling in its reply 4 weeks later or the pleasure of smelling decadent aromas whilst expecting the readiness of the Sunday roast.

What we should remind ourselves of, is that certain things take time.  You can’t bake a cake in half the time at double the temperature.  You can’t pull a flower by its stem to make it grow faster.  Don’t you think it’s a concept that would serve us, would enrich the result and that we should grasp and patiently allow?

Hmmm, I’ll let you ponder on this and come back to me.   When you’re ready 😉


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