Missing: Sense of humour –  NEEDED URGENTLY.  Favourable reward: enjoyable blog, vivid conversation and smiles to finder


I’m not sure where or when it went?  It’s just gone!!! And I really, really want it back.  So where do I find it? Can you help?

Without it, the days seem to trudge along, an endless to-do list eventually quietened by the blackness of sleep.  Apart from the fact that I’m sure I’m not as interesting without it, life seems to have less spark.

I’m sure if I look deeply enough I’ll find it and I know it’s about being constantly on the look out for the humour in situations…  Now I know I my sense of humour may not be the same as yours, and that’s ok.  It just critical to have one! Don’t you think? 80% of dating profiles cant be wrong – looking for millionaire who loves dogs with a sense of humour.  Question is – without the sense of humour trait, would you still take the plunge and swipe right? (ok maybe you would, but in 5 months would you still be there?)

Now my dilemma only raised its head this morning as I was trying to write.  And I sadly think its been missing a while!  I’ve only just noticed!!  I wonder how long it’s been gone?

I urge you, stop for a moment, scan yourself and check – anything missing?  Not that misery wants company, I’m just astounded that its possible we can miss something and not even know it.  Think about it – maybe imagination, zest for xxx, concentration, romance?  Just do a check in.  Nothing?  If so awesome!!!

But if you’ve come up with something – self-awareness is the first step.  Now my invitation to you is to search for it and find it and get it back in your life.  Just like I’m going to… and if you find my sense of humour along the way, please send it home…  Not sure about you but I genuinely want to get my spark back!!!.

Tanya Long 2017/10/15