Have you ever had a moment where impending doom seems to take you by the short & curlies?  Throwing your mind around as if caught by a lasso? Where gloom and negative thoughts are on the menu of the day?

Well at the moment, I’m eating quite a bit from this tasting menu.

In previous posts I’ve spoken about the subconscious and its power.  A power that one really doesn’t want to give over to.

When I’m feeling exhaustipated (my new favourite word) – the horrors that step through my thinking door!  Let me just highlight that I know the world is not coming to an end.  That there is no fatal outcome envisioned despite the overwhelming doom and gloom murmurs.


Thankfully in these moments I have the presence of mind to catch myself (mostly).  Not catch myself AND banish them, I’m still working on that.  But rather sit with them, surrender to them, view them from afar, tell myself to not believe everything that I think and most importantly – resist the urge to act upon them.

Some useful thoughts that you may want to try:

  • Stop it ! Just STOP IT.  Watch this video link for a good chuckle. Bob Newhart at his best.
  • Will this really matter in 5 months? 5 years?
  • Seriously (insert your name here) – don’t believe everything that you think!
    • Remember that the subconscious is just like a tape recorder playing back past situations.
  • Am I really using my conscious mind to conjure up these thoughts?
  • What is driving these musings? Is it exhaustion, frustration, anger?
  • Write them down (I insist). Don’t do anything now, rather re-look at them in the morning for a logic review.

And lastly, let them pass.

What do you do in these moments?  What works for you?  Please share as I’m always looking for new tips to get through those Doom and Gloom moments..


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