Enneagram Profiling for Individuals and Teams

The Enneagram profile is a development tool which allows one a better understanding of self and self in relation to others.

It allows us to realise and own our blindspots, understand our strengths and core motivation which drives our behaviours.  It reveals potential. When wanting to move an organisation forward, it is important for leaders to understand themselves and their people.

The word Enneagram depicts 9 personality types that resonate with an individual’s core motivations.

This impacts on behaviour as well as how one thinks, feels, acts and communicates.

The Enneagram is a useful guide on a journey towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution and the improvement of team dynamics. It is not aimed at ‘boxing’, limiting or categorizing a person. As an individual you are more complex, unique and distinct than your Enneagram style reflects. 

Whilst your style remains the same throughout your life, the characteristics of your style may either soften or become more pronounced as you grow and develop

Using the Enneagram as a development tool in Coaching:

The Enneagram has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in the coaching environment. The use of the Enneagram does not only fast track insight, growth and integration for the individual, but also gives durability and magnitude to the individual development process over time. It empowers the individual to take responsibility for his or her own behaviours and growth from an understanding of why they act and react in a certain way.

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GrowInvest Partners Enneagram Offerings Prices as at 1 May 2016 excl VAT
Individual Enneagram Profile (20 pages) R 450
Professional Enneagram Profile  (42 pages) R 900
Team Enneagram Profile (15 pages) – individuals must have completed the Professional R 900
Individual Enneagram Profile and 1hr Feedback session R 1150
Professional Enneagram Profile  and 1.5hr Feedback session R 1950
Team Enneagram Profile and 1.5 hr Feedback session (individuals must have completed the Professional Profile first) R 1950
Enneagram @ Work Workshops Price on request
Individal Enneagram Profile Professional Enneagram Profile
A 20 page report that includes:

o   Detailed Enneagram Profile Type

o   Strengths and positive qualities of the Type

o   Weaknesses and challenges of the Type

o   Stress and Strain profile

o   Key Areas for self-development

A 42 page report which includes information from the individual profile plus:

o   Communication

o   Feedback

o   Conflict

o   Decision Making

o   Management and Leadership

o   Team Behaviour

o   In a coaching relationship

The questionnaire is online and easy to use.  As you see above there are 2 options available.  Both are extremely powerful, and should you choose to start out with the standard one, you can always upgrade your report at a later stage for the balance of the cost.

The feedback session can either be face to face or via skype (so if you’re far away, don’t let that stop you).
Looking forward to opening up new possibilities of personal mastery with you and this tool….

Much love and light to you…

Tanya (Type 2 Enneagram – Considerate Helper)  …. Ps you’re not surprised are you 😉