There’s an infinite hidden power in the flow of the universe
A magic that exists.
It doesn’t need logic or understanding, just faith
It can’t be bought or touched
It can’t be rushed or pushed
When it appears though, it can be felt from the tips of your toes to the flutter of your eyelashes
It makes you feel alive
It makes your heart smile.

Each moment is consuming – nothing else exists
The tears, worries, heartbreaks of yesterday dissolving and forgotten
An indescribable flow of connection, energy and chemistry.
One’s truth, peeking through
A reminder of your authentic self
One’s inner child exposed, stripping away the censors and self-imposed limitations.

Ask for it
Trust it
Cherish it
Be thankful for it
It is there.

Take a giant leap towards whatever or whomever has the key to unlock it
Believe that your wings will form on the way down.