What we can learn from dogs : Tanya Long – 2016/09/17

  1. Love and love hard
  2. Enjoy the simple things
  3. A walk, every walk is an adventure.  Act like you’ve never experienced it before
  4. Never give up, even if you don’t get tidbits from the table.  Always wait and bat your eyes.  You never know what may come your way!
  5. Some routine is comforting
  6. Keep humans honest by letting them know what to expect from you
  7. Bask in the sun at least once a day
  8. If you want to play, bring your toys to someone and let them know
  9. Always greet with excitement, like you just hadn’t seen them an hour ago
  10. Protect your loved ones from possible intruders
  11. Aim to get a tummy rub at least twice a day
  12. Show affection freely
  13. Trust others completely, unless they show signs that they can’t be trusted
  14. When you fight with a friend, forget quickly
  15. Don’t put limits on the things you enjoy
  16. Always be game, no matter what the time or place
  17. Live with curiosity
  18. Live in the moment, don’t worry about tomorrow.dogs1