• Tanya Long 2016/10/06

Firsts can either be a thrill or a heartbreak.  When faced with a breakup, or the death of a loved one for example, its always the firsts that are the hardest to get through.  The first Christmas/birthday without that person or the first time you hear their favourite song and they are not there to sing along with you.

But firsts can also be exciting and scary when not faced with heart wrenching trauma.  I’ve discovered that the older you get – the firsts become less and less : “done that, got the T-shirt”.

Being true to the thinking of this century, being out of your comfort zone should entail firsts, something new, something different, something exciting (or not).  And making a habit of it is one way to feel alive, inspired and moving forward.  Not that I’m implying you’re a dead duck if you don’t, but there may be days when you feel like one.

My challenge for you today is to think of 10 Firsts that you would be willing to try (even if one of them is eating artichokes!) and pick one to do in the next week.   Then keep going, make Firsts a priority in the next year.  I assure you, there’s a 95.5% chance that you’ll feel alive, proud and pleased with yourself that you did…

Yours in First exploration


P.S.    I’d love you to share with me a First you decide to take on…

P.P.S. And I’ll be sure to share some of my firsts in the next while… I’m intending it to be a cracker