Let me share a little secret with you.  One that could potentially change your life, change your happiness levels and change your outlook almost immediately.

Live your life without being attached to the outcome.

A raging statement, I know.  One that is often met with surprise, confusion and disbelief.

Tom Althouse captures this well when he said – “Dare to live by letting go”.

“Why would I want to do that?”,  “Huh, I don’t get it!”, “What are you smoking?” is often the response I get.

Let me explain my thinking to you.

You want to live your best life.  Right?  You want to have personal power.  Right? You want to be happy.  Right?

In order to bring these things into your life in a major way, being constantly in creation of the life you want, is the answer.  We can choose to live and think in two modes – Creation or Reaction.

Reflect for a moment,  can you relate to the fact that no matter what the situation, you can either choose to be in creation or reaction.  Put another way, proactive or reactive.

When we are in reaction, we essentially take on a victim mindset (harsh words I know, but is this not true?).  When in reaction, things happen to us.  When one is in assumption, feeling frustration or aggression or just plain giving up, you are probably operating in reaction mode.

Where you want to be is in creation.  You want to be in creation of the things you want.  Being in creation means asking the questions, not sitting back to wait and see, taking action, making decisions based upon facts  and avoiding assumptions, frustration and aggression.

The true power though of being in creation comes from NOT being attached to the outcome.  As  soon as one is attached to the outcome and lets say the situation doesn’t work out how you envisaged it to, one falls into reaction mode.attachment2

Now, bear with me. I’m not saying to stupidly keep on trying endlessly to create something that doesn’t come right, but rather make a decision at some point and then be in creation of a new path.

My invitation to you is to consider this.  Make a commitment today to live your life in creation being unattached to the outcome.

It’s sure to change your life, your happiness levels and your outlook.

Let me know how it goes, ok?

“Things sometimes go our way and sometimes they don’t. All we can do is apply ourselves to our profession, giving our very best effort but emotionally letting go of the outcome. Why? Because if we obsess about an outcome, we cannot possibly honour the present moment.” ― Christopher Dines

PS… here’s a link to a favorite article of mine which expands on this – Being enlightened gets you everything in life