Down the rabbit hole I go
Tentatively treading at first
Curiosity and anticipation the trigger
Something different, something new.
What magic lies ahead? Does magic lie ahead?
What if there is no magic, only darkness?
Surely not?
Trust, trust in the experience of the adventure
Edging forward, shuffling at a snails pace
The light rays dwindling with every step
Fingertips guiding the foray
Foreign feelings fusing with the mind

Down the rabbit hole I go
Persistent paces, recalibrated reasoning
What magic lies ahead?
Opaque movements cloaked in darkness
Heart pounding, mind racing
Too late to turn back?  How to turn back?
Trust, trust in the wonder of the universe
A shimmer evolving to a glimmer ahead
Traumatic touches, tempted and teased
What magic lies ahead?
Dilated pupils, palpitating and perceiving
Determination drowning all defences
Beams of brightness bursting forth

Out the rabbit hole I go
Trust, revel in the wonder of the journey
There is magic that lies ahead.

Tanya Long 2016/12/21