“I’m so sorry” whispered the sweet voice from between my lips as I proceeded to crush the frantically fleeing spider till it hopped no more. “But you’re going to bite me”.

I sat there for a while quite pleased with myself for being the ultimate family protector against all things threatening.

But then a sadness washed over me. How did I know that the spider was going to bite me? Who made me ‘god’ to take the life of another living thing (even if it was only a teensy weensy spider)? Perhaps it wasn’t even a harmful kind.

I realised that my actions were instinctive.  I just reacted in that moment without thinking, moved forward by my conditioning that spiders bite and are to be feared/killed.

Suddenly in the moment of reflection, I remembered something that I had read once about spider energy. That in various Native American traditions spider medicine represents creativity.  Her 8 legs represent the 4 winds of change and the 4 directions on the medicine wheel. Her body is the shape of the infinity symbol depicting infinite possibilities.  Spiders are said to weave the creative forces that bring forth the intricately symmetrical patterns of our lives.

They say that if a spider wanders into your space, she could be bringing you a message to remind you of the infinite possibilities to create your life.  Just as a spider weaves her web, you too can weave your reality and your future.  As the creator of your life one needs to find the courage to reach out and create your own intricately beautiful and strong tomorrows.  AND that a spider may bite you if you DON’T pay attention to this.

Feeling ashamed that I snuffed out the life of this spider, I realised that too often we react instinctively to people or situations.  That even though we may have ‘more’ information, often we act based upon our immediate subconscious.  We don’t SEE the gifts that something brings but rather lean towards the dangers.

“Teach them a spider does not spin a web. Spiders spin meaning. Cut one strand and the web holds. Cut many, the web falls. With the web’s fall, so too falls the spider. Break the web. Break the spider. So breaks the circle of life.”

~ Frederic M. Perrin

My commitment from now on:

  • is to celebrate when a spider crosses my path
  • to stop and absorb the beauty and masterful craftsmanship of her web
  • to be mindful of other situations where my instinctual responses kick in
  • and to take the time to look deeper than my surface thoughts.

What will cross your mind the next time you see a spider?

Tanya Long 2017/09/18


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