I’m sure hidden somewhere under the layers is a really sexy gym bunny. The kind that springs up at 6am to don her Nikes with enthusiasm at the prospect of 20 sets of leg lifts and 200 jumping jacks.  The one whose face doesn’t turn beetroot red with sweat but rather ‘glows’ glamorously whilst smiling at the instructor with accomplishment on completion of ‘said’ sit ups.

Sadly, the reality is a far removed as a white Christmas in Mozambique.  Apart from the desire being completely M.I.A. – I guess there comes a time when one has to face that the gym bunny genes just didn’t come as part of my package.

GymbunnyDiscoqueenUseIronically flash forward 16 hours, throw in a couple of flashing lights, DJ Black Sparrow, a trance mix and I’m there.  My feet take over as though my body is possessed by a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ finalist. Needing to be dragged away at 5am when the sun comes up.

Mindset and Context (chuckle). The battle between good and fun. Oh well, I guess there just comes a time to admit that Disco Queen beats Gym Bunny, and honestly I’m ok with that.

If you ever knock on my door at 5am and my family tells you I’m out, just know that I’ve found the solution.  I’m working on my summer body the ‘strobe’ way.

Tanya Long 2017/12/22