Aging is like death and taxes.  No one is immune. Each age you may agree, has its trials and tribulations.

The glorious thing is that just as one gets used to being a certain age, the next ring on the tree stump appears. treestumprings2

Now my thoughts may be biased towards my gender – so forgive me, as I can’t even begin to think what it would be like to be a man (Unfortunately no Freaky Friday occurrences to fall back on for context).

The beauty of having children is that one gets to relive the ages in 2nd person.  Memories flooding back in full colour:

  • Like NOT being picked for the team at school
  • or suddenly being surrounded by friends whom today seem like zombies whilst yesterday one was making blood pacts on the playground;
  • the angst of the first kiss;
  • the hours staring out of the window pining about one’s first crush;
  • trying on every outfit in the cupboard (too tight/too loose) bemoaning that there’s nothing to wear!
  • the first hangover;
  • abominable haircuts;
  • the fear of being naked and flabby in front of that special man only to be replaced with wisdom that comes with age and the truth that all he really cares about is seeing you in the nik;
  • the disbelief at the size of the swollen ankles of the 8 months pregnant woman sitting next to you at the gynae only to find oneself scrounging in your partners cupboard 3 months later for flip flops that fit;
  • confusion and anxiety when trying to calm a crying baby by driving around red-eyed at 2am;
  • the fascination at a great aunts moustache, only to find oneself furiously plucking stray silver hairs (which catch your eye in the sunlight) from ones chin.
  • To name but a few….

As it draws the end of another year, I’m in awe at the fact that I’m getting closer to the half century mark.  12 months to go to be exact and yet I’m still constantly surprised by what each year brings.

It never stops.  The trials and tribulations, I mean.  No matter what age.  And that I believe is the beauty and excitement of life.  Just when one gets used to ‘that’ which an age brings, another ring on the stump appears!



Happy aging my friends                                             Xx T

Tanya Long    2017/12/25

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