I’d like to you remember this name  – Ikageng Aids Ministry in Soweto, South Africa.  And to introduce you to the amazing CEO, Carol Dyantyi.  I’d like to share with you that they have a dire situation.


Why?  Because in the last 6 months,  1170 children have been negatively impacted due to one of their key sponsors rescinding on their funding commitment.

What does this mean?   Up until November 2017, 1170 children knew daily where they were going to get one meal a day.  In the last 6 months only 25% of the children have been receiving meals!  Imagine in your mind a field full of children, wondering when or what they will next eat. I’ve just heard that in the last 2 weeks alone, there have been 3 fatal incidents due to this situation.  Also from the already stretched staff compliment,  possible downsizing is required.

Ikageng, Mum Carol (they call her Mum because she is mother to many) and her staff – supports 453 households, 1170 children (aged between 6yrs and 24yrs) – all impacted by HIV and Aids in some manner.  Majority of the households are headed by older children, having lost their/a parent to HIV or currently looking after an ill family member.  Sadly 223 of these children have HIV themselves.

Support from Ikageng for these kids means : paying for school fees and accommodation, providing clothes/medication and school/daily needs, visits and guidance from care givers and social workers, paying for transport, setting up community support programs, HIV screening, and more…

If you are a corporate, local or international, or an individual looking to change a child’s life – please contact Mum Carol at Ikageng.  Ideally they need financial support right now however whether big or small, any contribution: financial, goods, airtime to promote their cause or personal time, will make a world of difference.

My plea to the corporates out there, yes lets support our country’s future through initiatives, but if you are able, please help ensure that there are no more rumbling tummies, lack of medication or bare feet…. Sometimes we need to go back to basics, don’t you think?

Contact website  Ikageng Aids Ministry, or pm me for Mum Carols direct number….

A heartfelt thankyou for reading this.