I wish, I wish upon a star
The sky’s so dark at this bewitching hour.
For kindness in this sometimes cruel world;
For appeasement of burdens thrust upon the undeserving mass;
For resurrection of lost love, maybe just one;
For wisdom within to conquer challenges bestowed;
For grace to embrace destiny.

I wish to see you o’ glowing star
To guide me at this forsaken hour.
To allow the complexities to unfurl;
To give me comfort that this too, shall pass;
To share your energy so that I may face the rising sun;
To hope for joy and rainbows;
To spur belief that all will be, as it’s meant to be.

I wish, I wish upon a star
Shining so brightly from afar
To minimise the solitude that I feel right now.

Tanya Long 2018/05/26