I find that lately I’m telling myself this quite a bit.  I may, just may be trying to self-brainwash. I’m still wondering when my heart will buy into this.

Truthfully though, the considered alternative would just be a sad bad state of mind.  Don’t you think?  Who wants to live a life where one doesn’t believe?

What if we would unconditionally:

  • Believe that there will be brighter days,
  • believe that there will be heart smiles aplenty,
  • believe that there will be days of flow,
  • believe that there is a life full of magic and magical moments.

Where oh where has Tinkerbell gone?


Hopefully only out for lunch and not moved to Siberia for eternity!
So yes, I think I choose option A.  Out for lunch.
A Siberia state of mind just seems a dismal place to live.

But what makes it true? The buy-in to the ‘keep believing thing’?
Baby steps, I guess! The presence to it.  And the focus on proving it right.
I would imagine, that’s how to do it.

Every minute of every day.

Tanya Long  2018/05/21

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