Tanya's Two Cents

Perspectives for Opening up Possibilities

Thought for the day

respect yourself to..

Thought for the day

eat the live frog

Step into my world

We have vampires and storms

How to avoid the humiliation of failing Grd 9 in your 40’s and keep your offsprings respect

But when she came to me with tearful puppy dog eyes – how could I turn her down?  I would’ve been a bad mom, don’t you think?

Thought for the day

you get what you focus on

Pinky and the Brain musings…

At night I lay in a heap, mind turning.  Trying to find justifications to cancel the next day.

Thought for the day

We don't see things as they are...

Pity party chez moi?

Moments when things felt hard and unfair, resulting in my submergence into ‘pity party favours’

I care less about your potential..

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