Tanya's Two Cents

Perspectives for Opening up Possibilities

Keep believing

A Siberia state of mind just seems a dismal place to live.

If only girl

If we think we can change or mould someone into what we require, we are completely misguided.

Good morning

Happily ever laughter

from the moment they enter your world, till the moment they leave, they make you question your being?

What is showing up right now

People come into your life for a different purpose

A block of note

I assumed that if something wasn't entertaining or thought provoking, that it shouldn't be shared.

Your story is your power

Some stories are filled with magic and others brim over with tragedy.

There’s something fishy going on

with tears flowing and shock taking hold of my shaking knees, fear enveloped me and the lizard on my shoulder said ‘RUN Quickly, no one saw’. 

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