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Perspectives for Opening up Possibilities

Whatever we fear, we attract

When we raise fears or doubts into our subconscious, without realising it we start to look for signs to prove ourselves right.

Somethings missing

Apart from the fact that I’m sure I’m not as interesting without it, life seems to have less spark.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

It wouldn’t be kosher for you to pass out before you finished helping all the Sunny Pines Grannies on their way to their 60th school reunion.

Down with Valentines Day….

As any true hater does, I organised a ‘Down with Valentines Day’ party.  Singles only, no red allowed.

Brainstorming for Exceptional Ideas

I picture my mind full of clouds/thunder and lightening…   The clouds make it difficult for me to see, the thunder causes noise that distracts me but the lightening is the part that I love… The prospect of seeing the light and harnessing the energy….

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

Press the emergency button now

The Spider That Was

Spiders spin meaning..

Down the rabbit hole I go

What if there is no Magic, only Darkness?

Fasten Your Seatbelt

The plane shuddered as it dropped dramatically, my feet and bottom levitating in the air!!!

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