Tanya's Two Cents

Perspectives for Opening up Possibilities

The Spider That Was

Spiders spin meaning..

Down the rabbit hole I go

What if there is no Magic, only Darkness?

Fasten Your Seatbelt

The plane shuddered as it dropped dramatically, my feet and bottom levitating in the air!!!

Are you a burnout junkie?

Spurred on, not by fomo (well maybe just a little) but by this drive to be the grandest version of myself. Enticed like a cat chasing a beam of light.

To Everything There is a Season

We NEED to DO WHAT we NEED to DO at different stages in our lives

I’m not attached….

Dare to live by letting go..

Dream a little dream

“If a little dreaming is dangerous – the cure is not to dream less but to dream more – to dream all the time” – Marcel Proust

Please don’t give up…

Please don't give up Please don't give in Illegitimi non carborundum You're angry - with good reason You're heartsore- that's to be understood You're frustrated, disillusioned, tired -  you're human But Please please Illegitimi non carborundum Have your anger, don't... Continue Reading →

The Laughing Mockadile

A crocodile or a mockodile?

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